Do You Have a Dream?

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Dare to Dream Are you ready to have the life you truly want? Most of the time we are so busy ‘doing’ things that we forget to just ‘be’ and allow ourselves to dream a little. So why are dreams or a vision of your life so important? Simple – if you don’t have a clear vision of what you want your life, how can you possibly expect to get the life you want? 5    Facts about Dream  Nearly everyone has some sort of dream or life vision.  Less than 10% of people actually WRITE IT DOWN.  Writing your life …

The Power of Perseverance

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Perseverance is a sum of positive attitude and persistence. Perseverance goes hand in hand with expectation. If you fully expect a certain outcome, there is no obstacle that can’t be overcome. To a person who expects success, and has a persevering mind, a challenge is an opportunity for a solution. It’s simply something that has to be worked through on the road to success. When confronted with a challenge, the expectant persevering mind will think “That’s part of life and business, what is the best solution?” To a person with a non-persevering mind, a challenge is a barrier. The non-persevering …

Quiz – How Well do You Maintain Balance?

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If trying to maintain balance in your life makes you feel like a tightrope walker, you’re not alone. Most of Entrepreneurs have so many demands on our time and energy because life can feel like a three-ring circus. Do you want to know if you good at maintaining a balance between work and life than take this quiz to see how well you are meeting responsibilities, while also recognizing and fulfilling your personal needs and wants.

3 Most Important Skills You Must Master to Become Successful

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Master your Mind This is your most powerful resource and tapping into that power is easier than you think – once you know how. Master your Time It’s the ultimate non-renewable resource – once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Master your Communication Success comes much easier when you can easily get others on board with your ideas.