The Power of Perseverance

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Perseverance is a sum of positive attitude and persistence. Perseverance goes hand in hand with expectation. If you fully expect a certain outcome, there is no obstacle that can’t be overcome. To a person who expects success, and has a persevering mind, a challenge is an opportunity for a solution. It’s simply something that has to be worked through on the road to success. When confronted with a challenge, the expectant persevering mind will think “That’s part of life and business, what is the best solution?” To a person with a non-persevering mind, a challenge is a barrier. The non-persevering …

Quiz – How Well do You Maintain Balance?

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If trying to maintain balance in your life makes you feel like a tightrope walker, you’re not alone. Most of Entrepreneurs have so many demands on our time and energy because life can feel like a three-ring circus. Do you want to know if you good at maintaining a balance between work and life than take this quiz to see how well you are meeting responsibilities, while also recognizing and fulfilling your personal needs and wants.