Importance of choosing a Niche

The Importance of Choosing a Niche

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  The Importance of Choosing a Niche Why should I choose a niche? ” Many service providers tell themselves. I don’t need a niche because “Anyone can benefit from my services!” It means that if you are trying to serve everybody… you end up serving NO – ONE!                                      Your marketing message becomes VERY diluted and reaching your ideal client is impossible because you have no idea who you serve I’m guilty of it too – I did not want to limit myself to a …

essential building blocks for successful business

Essential building blocks for a successful business that every female solopreneur needs

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Essential building blocks for a successful business that every female solopreneur needs  You are female solopreneur, you have a passion, you’re good at something and want to start in business To start any business you must start with planning, taking time to prepare. The plan will help you avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes.                                                                                              Planning for Success 1. …

success habits

How to Identify Your Success Habits

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We all know the importance of habits in our lives. We all have helpful and supportive habits, and a few unhelpful or unhealthy habits. Habits are often deeply ingrained and unconscious and therefore hard to change. Habits are created by repetition (next time you get in your car, notice that you don’t think about putting on your seatbelt, you just do it!). And luckily for us, new habits can be created consciously to help us have more success in life. So, to create your own daily success habits, answer the questions below and remember, the responses will be unique to …

Joyful morning habit that ground your day

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So I am asking you as your coach to take this challenge: Practice more self-care this year You will see, feel and experience better results in your life and business. We women spend much of our lives nurturing others. For most of you the only time you do anything of self-care is on your birthday or mother’s day, as you have to have a special day to do something kind for yourself. I believe you are the no 1 asset and you are at the core of success, your confidence level and underneath self-esteem is fuelled by your self-care. This new habit …

choose success this year

How to make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

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  If you are not moving towards something that matters to you, if you are don’t have clarity about that; if you not making significant progress in your life and business ,  you will not be happy. So no matter what experience you had , the future is full of possibilities, you have  blank slate this year .  You can create whatever you want.  So what is possible for you this year? It’s never too late to reach your potential to become who you made to be and accomplished what matters to you most.  Here is the question you can …

5 Steps for effectively marketing your services

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Step 1: what do you want to do and why?                                                                           Everything starts with thoughts, and you should be clear about what you are doing and why. Your lack of clarity/confusion will stop you from attracting clients. Also, lack of passion will lead to abandoning your plans as soon as you hit the first obstacle on the road.  Step 2: who are you serving …

definition of success

Consider your own definition of success

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Seven years ago, I was tired, chasing someone else’s dream: work hard, climb the corporate ladder, strive for the six-figure salary, the bigger house… At the time, I defined success by what I learned and observed growing up – like so many of us do. But the more I achieved those goals, the less I felt like me. Chasing someone else’s definition of success is like trying to fit into someone else’s skin, it’ll never fit. The energy you spend chasing something different to your truth leaves you, unfulfilled, and quite unsuccessful. Consider your own definition of success. Is it …

Tips on how to change your mindset for success

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Developing a positive mindset is crucial to success especially if you are starting your own business. Having a positive mindset is a very powerful tool that will lead to success. A successful business owner has no special advantages over an unsuccessful business owner. They are often no better educated on more intelligent. The thing that sets them apart is their mindset. Positive minded people succeed because they recognise opportunities and they don’t stop until they achieve their goals. Mindset influences everything we see and everything we do Today, I share some very important tips on how to train your mind …