Steps to create success

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Here are the 7 steps to create success

1. Start with what you know or what you have. Something you are passionate about

When you are passionate about something when things may get  tough you will keep pushing (also passion will give you fulfilment)

2. Believe in yourself, your product or service if you do not have confidence you will fail

3. Become excellent at what you do – it’s important how you position yourself, how you stand out, what is your niche,   become expert

4. Develop mental toughness – learn to control your mind, master rejection, overcome prejudice

5. Life balance –  have a balance between business and family and friends, find what is important to you and prioritise.

    80% of results come from 20% activities, focus and  management is a key

6. Develop 8 characteristics of successful people: Determination, integrity, flexibility, persistence, curiosity, discipline,  leadership, courage

7. Learn fundamental business skills and find support: a coach or support group

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