Essential ingredients for Success

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  Essential Ingredients for Success 1. Beliefs. Napoleon Hill said: “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” Your belief is absolutely crucial to your success. If you don’t believe in yourself and your ability to create a successful business it’s very unlikely that you will achieve it. On the other hand, when you develop empowered belief, anything is possible. We often forget that we can CHOOSE what we believe 2.  Action. When you consistently take strategic, inspired action and you don’t stop or give up you will succeed. You will succeed in building your business and achieving …

Are you in control of your brain or your brain controls you?

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3 easy simple steps how to control your brain You need to release these toxic negative thoughts and negative feelings  so you can take control of your life Step 1.  First, write down the doubts, fears, feelings and uncertainties affecting your life and business right now. This is one of the best and neurologically proven ways to resolve the emotional power they have over you. E.g.  “I’m afraid I won’t make  enough money this year” or “I’m not good enough.” Or “I’m not smart enough” Step 2.  Now read each negative thought out loud. Listen to each one. Notice how …

7 steps to Success

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Why do people fail? Lack of vision, goals and how to create a plan to achieve it Without a vision of your desired outcome, you allow circumstances to create it for you.  Instead of you creating it yourself Identifying a number of personal and professional goals and then writing them down  is crucial to your success in business and life The attitude you adopt determines whether you are successful in creating a lifestyle you enjoy. Your level of commitment is absolutely critical to your long-term success and achievement Your thinking habits are the most powerful tools you have for creating …

What is Life Coaching?

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  Last week I was asked, “What is life coaching?”  “Coaching “is one of those words that mean different things to different people. Life coaching is often called personal coaching. Coaching is a one-on-one, collaborative process in which a trained professional (the coach) helps you to achieve your personal or professional goals. These goals may include e.g: More self-confidence, weight loss, career change, better relationships, and many more. Why people come for coaching  People from every possible age, background, and occupation get coaching, but they all have one thing in common: a desire to achieve something more in their personal …

Do You Have a Dream?

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Dare to Dream Are you ready to have the life you truly want? Most of the time we are so busy ‘doing’ things that we forget to just ‘be’ and allow ourselves to dream a little. So why are dreams or a vision of your life so important? Simple – if you don’t have a clear vision of what you want your life, how can you possibly expect to get the life you want? 5    Facts about Dream  Nearly everyone has some sort of dream or life vision.  Less than 10% of people actually WRITE IT DOWN.  Writing your life …

Quiz – How Well do You Maintain Balance?

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If trying to maintain balance in your life makes you feel like a tightrope walker, you’re not alone. Most of Entrepreneurs have so many demands on our time and energy because life can feel like a three-ring circus. Do you want to know if you are good at maintaining a balance between work and life than take this quiz to see how well you are meeting responsibilities, while also recognizing and fulfilling your personal needs and wants?