Daily positive affirmations

Daily positive affirmations can help you improve any area of your life

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So What, Exactly, Are Daily Positive Affirmations? Affirmations were the first thing I discovered on my personal development journey. They helped me change my life. I would like to introduce you to positive affirmations and tell you a little about them so you can use them to improve your life too. Daily positive affirmations are assertive, positive words or phrases which help in directing your focus, therefore, enabling you to accomplish all your dreams and passions in life. You can use these powerful statements to conquer your fears which have prevented you from leading the successful life you deserve to …

How to overcome fear

How to overcome fear

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Often you  know what to do so … why don’t you do it? What’s stopping you? From working with hundreds of Solopreneurs and small business owners over the years, one of the things often show up when I ask them what’s stopping them is fear. Sometimes is fear of success, fear of failure or fear that it won’t work out… To be truly successful we need to learn how to overcome fear, so we can get on with doing more of the things we really want to do! Did you know? Fear is actually something we learn.   We are born with only …


How to Build Confidence

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How to Build Confidence                                                                               Often the stumbling block to achieve our goals is lack of self-confidence. Not having confidence can limit a person’s potential, career choices and progression.  Confidence is the foundation for everything in life and it is our confidence, or lack of, that directly affects HOW we do everything in life. Ironically confidence is in the mind.        …

success habits

How to Identify Your Success Habits

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We all know the importance of habits in our lives. We all have helpful and supportive habits, and a few unhelpful or unhealthy habits. Habits are often deeply ingrained and unconscious and therefore hard to change. Habits are created by repetition (next time you get in your car, notice that you don’t think about putting on your seatbelt, you just do it!). And luckily for us, new habits can be created consciously to help us have more success in life. So, to create your own daily success habits, answer the questions below and remember, the responses will be unique to …

Joyful morning habit that ground your day

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So I am asking you as your coach to take this challenge: Practice more self-care this year You will see, feel and experience better results in your life and business. We women spend much of our lives nurturing others. For most of you the only time you do anything of self-care is on your birthday or mother’s day, as you have to have a special day to do something kind for yourself. I believe you are the no 1 asset and you are at the core of success, your confidence level and underneath self-esteem is fuelled by your self-care. This new habit …

choose success this year

How to make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

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  If you are not moving towards something that matters to you, if you are don’t have clarity about that; if you not making significant progress in your life and business ,  you will not be happy. So no matter what experience you had , the future is full of possibilities, you have  blank slate this year .  You can create whatever you want.  So what is possible for you this year? It’s never too late to reach your potential to become who you made to be and accomplished what matters to you most.  Here is the question you can …